In 2009, Stig was approached about portraying a rather unsuccesfull torpedo in Lars Berteig Andersens shortfilm Askeveien 116 - and how could he refuse that? Here are some screenshorts from "the stag-night that went all wrong"....

Askeveien 116

by Lars Berteig Andersen


Cinema release Dec 10th 2009


Director: Lars Berteig Andersen

Producer: Espen Rosseland Pettersen

Photography: Jo Bergersen

Editing and VFX: Kalle Doniselli Gulbrandsen

Sound Editing: Stian Kjelstad Granmo

Composer: Christian Sthäler

Make-up: Marit Aasen


Produced by: Westerdahls School of Communication


All screenshots are published by agreement with the producers

Geir: Erik Skøld

Claus: Stig Krogstad

Glenn: Jante Helgesen

Selma: Hera

Jan-Ole: Sondre Krogtoft Larsen

Werner: Eduardo Garcia-Drageseth

Tore: Andreas Frølich

Inge: Johannes Brun

Laila: Marita Wierdal

Tina: Natasha Angel Dahle

Politi 1: Leon Bashir

Politi 2: Thomas Granli

Stripper 1: Evelyn Cook

Stripper 2: Mikaella Thorkildsen



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