The Hunt for the Christmas Crook

In november 2002 Stig got called up seven days before the opening of "The hunt for the Christmas Crook" in Drammens Teater, and asked to take over the part as Santa Claus. Not a stranger to challenges, even Stig found this to be a bit on the short side! But, it all worked out well, revues where raving and they all had a very nice time together up until christmas! So not only did he have a good time, he made new friends as well! Now, who could ask for anything more than that?

The Hunt for the Christmas Crook

by Arne Iversen and Jan M. Moberg


Director: Irene Ahnell

Assistant: Mette Schart Hansen

Set design/props: Kenneth H. Kolberg

Prop Master: Mai Brett

Costumes: Cassie Moberg

Produced by: Drammen barne- og ungdomsteater



The Christmas Crook: Roger Hilleren

The Pipecleanser: Helge Sveen

Santa Claus: Stig Krogstad

Chief of Police: Eivind Berg Halvorsen

Grandma: Marianne Fredriksen

Dad: Rune Drangsland


Ingrid: Kari Mette Hole/Kristine Fossmo Støleggen

Julie: Pernille Kildahl/Monica B. Jacobsen

Ruff: Emil Andre Svenne/Helene D. Sollie


The hunt for the Christmas Crook by Arne Iversen and Jan M. Moberg

Grandma tells the story about the Christmas Crook . Kristin Fossmo Støleggen as Ingrid and Marianne Fredriksen as Grandma

Dad (Rune Drangsland) getting ready for bed

The Christmas Crook (Roger Hilleren) are cocky and self-assured

The crook hassles the Pipecleanser (Helge Sveen)

The Pipecleanser doesn't want to be a thief

Crisis! Ingrid and dad have discovered that the gifts are gone

Santa Claus (Stig Krogstad) inspects his workshop the day before christmas, and is assured by the elves that all is well.... almost.

Santa (Stig Krogstad) is getting ready to distribute some happiness

But alas - he's arrested by the Cheif of Police (Eivind Berg Halvorsen) for the theft of the gifts!

... and put in jail on Christmas Eve!

As the Pipecleanser and head-elf Julie springs Santa from jail, the Christmas Crook is being watched by the rest of the elves.

Despite threats from the Christmas Crook, the Pipecleanser comes clean

And as the police is getting ready to clamp down, the Crook is beggin to get off easily

But he creates a diversion and gets away - and the chase is lead by Ingrid and the elves, with a distressed Santa in tow

The crook hides in Ingrids house, and takes her hostage....

.... dad has to defuse the situation....

... but a crook can't run for long, and is arrested on teh roof by dad and the policechief

And of course, they all gather to celebrate a joyous christmas together

The elves came down from the Northpole....

.... and Ingrid believes in Santa again - all's well that ends well!

Composer Arne Iversen with some of the Elves

.... and Santa Stig in a break :)

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