There's been quite a few parts and tunes done by Stig through the years -
and now you can see and hear some of them here!

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[RENT - I'll Cover you (reprise)] [TONIGHT - Watching TV]
[Broadway Baby-Medley] [Les Misérables - Dog Eats Dog (excerpt)]
[You Raise Me Up [Disney's Buzz On Maggie- In Your Thread]
[Hill Atlantis] [Disney's Three Musketeers - Waiting in love]

[Which Witch - Love Duet]


[Disney's Cookie Carneval]

[Disney's Donalds Christmas Wishes - Opening Song]  
[Annie - Oh New York]  

RENT - I'll Cover You (reprise)
Music and lyrics by Jonathan Larsson
Live from Sandvika Teater sept 6th 2001 in Broadway Baby!

Jonathan Larsson's "RENT" has been acclaimed worldwide for it's portrayal of young peoples lives in a large metropolis on the brink of the new millenium.
Apart from that, the show's a mindblowing experience with wonderful songs and lyrics. A medley from "RENT" was included in "Broadway Baby!" which Stig did
in the fall of 2001, and Stig says: "I was so fortunate that I got to sing the most bitter-sweet ballade I know: I'll Cover You. Tom Collins, an HIV-positive engineer,
has just seen his lover Angel die from the same disease, and sings him the song they proclaimed to each other when they met. Heartbroken he proclaims to Angel and
the world that he'll cover him, as their friends try to support him." (Recorded live at Sandvika Teater opening night sept 6th 2001)

Ensemble: Stig Krogstad, Katrine Blomstrand, Marianne Westby, Benedicte Swendgaard, Bård Steine, Eirik Bøhn Berntsen
Band: Eirik Bøhn Berntsen, Håvard Caspersen, Erik Anti, Frode Mangen, Kurt Lisø


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