There's been quite a few parts and tunes done by Stig through the years -
and now you can see and hear some of them here!

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[RENT - I'll Cover you (reprise)] [TONIGHT - Watching TV]
[Broadway Baby-Medley] [Les Misérables - Dog Eats Dog (excerpt)]
[You Raise Me Up [Disney's Buzz On Maggie- In Your Thread]
[Hill Atlantis] [Disney's Three Musketeers - Waiting in love]

[Which Witch - Love Duet]


[Disney's Cookie Carneval]

[Disney's Donalds Christmas Wishes - Opening Song]  
[Annie - Oh New York]  


Disney's Buzz on Maggie -In your thread (I din tråd)
TV-series released 2005

Sometimes an actor/singer/director have to do some very strange things......
In 2005 Stig was the norwegian voicedirector for the Disney-series "Buzz on Maggie", and in one episode, Maggie had a hang-up on a boyband
and of course they had a six-part song as well. As always with dubbing, time is short - and in 90 minutes the song was rehearsed and recorded.

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