There's been quite a few parts and tunes done by Stig through the years -
and now you can see and hear some of them here!

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[RENT - I'll Cover you (reprise)] [TONIGHT - Watching TV]
[Broadway Baby-Medley] [Les Misérables - Dog Eats Dog (excerpt)]
[You Raise Me Up [Disney's Buzz On Maggie- In Your Thread]
[Hill Atlantis] [Disney's Three Musketeers - Waiting in love]

[Which Witch - Love Duet]


[Disney's Cookie Carneval]

[Disney's Donalds Christmas Wishes - Opening Song]  
[Annie - Oh New York]  


TONIGHT - Watching TV
Music and lyrics by Kjell-Ole Haune
Live from Oslo Concerthall sept 21 2002
with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra

Norwegian composer Kjell-Ole Haune has written the musical TONIGHT, about a group of friends who get caught in a civil war.
It was performed as a semi-staged concert at the Oslo Concerthall with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in september 2002, where Stig played the storyteller
of the musical, news reporter Thomas Bridge. In "Watching TV", opening number of act 2, Thomas is taking a look at how we get accustomed to see the atrocities of
war on our living-room screens every day - and what that does to us. (Recorded live at Oslo Concerthall opening night sept.21 2002)
Also to be heard are Stephen Weller, Sarah Williams, Ann-Christin Elverum, Alexander Lycke and Trond Teigen

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